Great Quote

Vijay Dharia Shared This Good Quote: બીજા જે અઘરું સમજે છે તે સહેલાઈથી કરવું તેનું નામ અક્કલ અને અક્કલ જે … Read More

The Lecture Of A Lifetime

Ratikaka shared this wonderful note with me. It is indeed inspiring and touching. Randy Pausch, a 46-year-old computer-science professor at … Read More

Eternal Wisdom

Once an King asked his wise men to find the true wisdom of life. They researched for years and sought … Read More

Teamwork & Ego!

One more good anecdote on teamwork from Idea-Bank The sin (and danger) of excessive pride (or an excessive ego) is … Read More


Teamwork is one of the key differentiator for success in today’s corporate environment. People work in teams and need interpendence … Read More

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