TEDx Talk: Soul Fuel – Why Solivgant Travel Matters’

Technology, travel and movies are my passions. I work around the confluence of these themes using my varied skills!

I am an evangelist to influence and inspire people to travel. I believe that travel is the best way to widen our horizons, accept differences, remove intolerance and make the world a better place. It promotes cultural exchange, understanding and helps people to connect with people.

In my TEDx talk, I spoke about the joys of traveling alone and how it is an enriching and life-changing learning experience. I strong believe: A new you is the best travel souvenir!

I welcome your feedback and suggestions on this talk and what other topics you would like to me cover in future talks and travelogues! And yes, if you like it, spread the good word. Please “like” and share it.

Keep traveling! Keep discovering!