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Life Is Beautiful – Cherish It With Safety

Accidents bring lot of dreams and aspirations to a crash. Often with blood and tears. The pointer of guilt is a secondary factor as the biggest damage is already done.

Though destiny cannot be changed, we can change our habits to reduce the damage:

1. Helmets – Helmets can reduce the extent of damage. All people on two-wheelers need to wear it. It is not cool to not wear the helmets – though many think it otherwise.
2. Mobiles – Mobiles have changed us as human beings. Conversations can distract us from the road situation and blind us to impending disasters. I amazed to see young men and women speaking on mobile with and without hands-free. People fix mobile phone in the helmet and talk. Women drive Activa with a single hand. Please avoid it.
3. Speed – Speed Thrills. Speed Kills. Let us get our highs and adrenaline rushes from our achievements, great work. Life is not a Xbox game.
4. Traffic Rules – Traffic rules exist for a reason. We need to be aware and obey the basic traffic rules. Ahmedabad is notorious for the lack of traffic sense. Why? Let us be the change. Let us not break traffic rules. Let us avoid the temptation of going in the wrong side. Let us avoid the temptation of jumping the light.

Let us always remember that someone is waiting for us at home. Loved ones and their entire world depends on you. Many times, parents have cut their stomaches, sacrificed dreams and given up luxuries to educate us and see us go ahead in life. Let us value that.

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  1. Hope that everything is fine with you. I have written on this topic many times and already had close encounter of third kind during my short cycling career already! Take care!

    • Two Of My Colleagues Were Hit By A Car As They Were Reaching Office. One Could Not Survive And One Is Still In Hospital. Will Talk About This Offline.

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