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Winning With Focus & Concentration : Take This Test!

Delivering world-class services requires special attention and focus. It involves understand the purpose of the task, planning, minimizing re-work and doing it right the first time.

I have often found that people sometimes act quickly without fully understanding the issue at hand. They do not read the actual lines, forget  reading between the lines. The problem is of focus, concentration and grasping. We are always in  hurry. And haste makes waste, hurry brings curry. It leads to waste of time, missing of deadlines, unhappy customers and frustrated self.

I have found a small test which is quite smart and effective. It makes the point about being focus and concentrating very quickly. I thank Alan Chapman for this Mental Concentration and Information Processing Test.
I invite you to take this test and also share it with your colleagues and friends. It is amazing !

We conducted this test in Magnet Technologies. It brought out interesting results and insights for all :
1. People were in a hurry to finish first, rather finish. Being first is more important being right. Actually, if the people had read the instructions, they would have been first as well as right 🙂
2. Spending time on planning actually saves time at execution phase. People who read the instructions and acted on it, saved time.
3. Many people hate instructions. They do not want to be told what to do. They assume that they know how to deal with the situation. They are already in a particular default mode. All of us have to read every situation afresh and plan accordingly.
4. The attention span and concentration levels need to be preserved. Avoid distractions – mental and physical.

A hour spent on planning and focussed approach saves 4-5 hours of total time spent on the task. Multi-tasking is a wonderful thing, but it robs us of the precious focus required for solving important problems and delivery world-class service.

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  1. hey, nice test.
    very insightful!

  2. Sir

    Could not download test . But it was an eye opener when i took it

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