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Guru Gyan : Bill Gates – Warren Buffet

Last week, I watched the telecast of ‘Go Back To School’ program on NDTV Profit. It featured the legendary icons of our time – Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. The college graduates asked them questions over a period of one hour. Their answers brought that the rules for greatness and outstanding success in life are simple.

Here is what I noted after listening to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates:

1. Follow your passion.

2. All of us make mistakes. Don’t worry. Don’t repeat the mistake.

Bill Gates said that he did not anticipate rise of Google/Search. Warren Buffet sold a stock and it rose crazily after.

3. Get The Best of Out People. Invest in people and trust them.

4. Learn To Say No – Best Time Management Advice.

Bill Gates dedicates two weeks for “thinking”.

5. Invest in Public Speaking Course. Read Faster.

6. Share with others. Equity is an very important issue in the world.

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates mentioned that they had got lucky tickets in life. Their thoughts were inspiring and informative. Though these thoughts look very simple, only few understand the wisdom behind these simple principles.

Listen to The Newspaper Test here!

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    Thanks for Capturing this, it is indeed simple things that can create outstanding results.

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