SQB : Storms!

jo tuufaanon mein palte jaa rahe hain vahii duniyaa badalte jaa rahe hain -Jigar Muradabadi Those who are raised by … Read More

SQB : Forgive & Forget

Forget your good deeds Forgive others’ bad deeds   Simple & Profound Truth 

Visual Dictionary Online

A new concept in Dictionary – Visual Dictionary! Merriam Webster and QA International has created Visual Dictionary Online. It explains … Read More

Om Shanti Om vs Saawariya

Shah Rukh Khan’s Farah Khan Directed Om Shanti Om and Sony Pictures’ Sanjay Leela Bhansali Directed Saawariya have ensured a … Read More

Outsmart Robber at ATM!

Pratik Shah emailed me this useful information on handling robbers who force you to withdraw cash from ATM. I have … Read More

SQB : Being Happy!

“When you are five years old, you were happy all the time and somebody had to make you unhappy” “When … Read More

SQB : Death

“Death is one of the obligations of life” Seneca

SQB: Retirement

“Retirement means having twice as much husband and half as much money” Anonymous

SQB : Decisions!

“It is not important whether you are right or wrong. It is more important how much you lose when you … Read More

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