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Indian Railway Ticket Booking on Rediff Is Fast!

Check out the Rediff Site for Indian Railways – Rediff Trains Fare Search. 

It is quick and effective. It has all the features of IRCTC Site. As a bonus, it shows cheapest flight options to your train booking query. Smart work.  

Of course, IRCTC has improved its site and is deploying all the ideas suggested by Magnet’s Chairman Nirav Mehta . Thanks IRCTC!   But there is a great room from improvement. We would love to make that happen!

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  1. Swami
    | Reply

    So is it official that IRCTC is taking Nirav’s plans and recommendations?? Great Leap for Magnet if they are.. IRCTC is big client!!! You should put their name in your clientele…..

  2. ashok.karania
    | Reply

    No. They are not using it officially. Anyway, our suggestions were contributed with the aim of improving IRCTC experience. So the purpose has been achieved. We think of it as another important contribution to Open Source / Community initiatives for Indian masses.

  3. vivek
    | Reply


    I have not seen such a good site which has so many features in a single page . The better way to search Indian trains looks great and it open fast, no pop-up, user friendly. every information in a single page . this concept is good and some of the features like calendar, train running day has not come in a single website in this reviews. the most important features i have seen in this site that if the user does not know the station code then also he can see all the trains and it is only website which have a drop menu box for the important station from where you can choose the station name and also it has a date calendar from you can choose the date and it show the running day of the train so that you can know which day of the week this train is running. the other most important feature i have seen in this website that it show the train which does not have the reservation coach for the benefit of the user and they are showing the passenger train also which is also not available in any website.

    Pros: all the features which user need, open fast, user friendly, good look and interactive, update data regularly, new features

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