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Magnet’s Ninth Anniversary Snaps

Magnet celebrate its ninth anniversary last week. Nine years of making a difference, challenging assumptions, living the vision and moving ahead! It has been a remarkable journey.

We had picnics at both the offices and here are the snaps of the same. Magneteers also displayed some remarkable amount of creativity and energy. I was touched by their love and passion for Magnet.

Magnet Ninth Anniversary Note

Snaps of Magnet Mumbai’s Picnic to Royal Garden Resort

Snaps of Magnet Ahmedabad’s Picnic to Mahudi, Swapna Shrushti Park and Amarnath Dham

Magneteer Janak’s Poem

Magneteer Payal’s Poem

Magneteer Bhakti’s Art

Poster : Life In A Magnet

Magnet Comic Strip

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