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Dr Tushar Shah, Ahmedabad has launched an unique endeavor on improving English-speaking skills of Gujaratis. He has created a group called Wordphil wherein every member gets an SMS of an English word, its meaning and usage in a contemporary context. It functions daily (no holidays) for an hour from 8 am—the service is free. Anyone keen to join him can send him a request SMS on 09825034142, giving him your name and mobile number. There are no forms to be filled up.

Cheers to a good cause.

Cheers to Dr Tushar!

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  1. Great service! I am waiting for the day way Mobile starts supporting Indic languages.

  2. Vishal Shah
    | Reply

    It’s really nice…
    I improved my vocab for my CAT exam preparation from this service…
    Thanks Dr.Tushar…
    Eager to meet you for future expands..!

  3. Seems good! But could not find results on google!
    Similar service is working pretty good for almost 3+ months.

    Visit http://www.mytodaysms.com/

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  5. i guess this news deserves to be published in daily newspapers in gujarat. then only the common gujarati ppl who need this service can be benefitted effectively !! …

    hats off to this gud cause and to Dr. Tushar too ..

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