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Why Magnet Chose Ahmedabad?

Magnet started its second development centre in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Many people including candidates at recruitment drive ask me – why Ahmedabad? People are surprised that we chose Ahmedabad and not Pune, Gurgaon or any other city.

Our rational for choosing Ahmedabad was the following:

1. Majority opined that Gujarat had missed the IT Bus. Its lack of English Speaking populace, lack of professionalism and mobility among employees (not entrepreneurs!) and lack of serious effort by Government to promote IT were cited as the key reasons.

However, Magnet Team feels strongly that Gujarat would be cover up the lost ground in IT and emerge as a serious contender. Magnet would like to be the one of the first companies in the high end Web Technologies in Gujarat. Thus we live true to our tradition of being pioneers by profession.

2. Magnet wanted to choose emerging centres. We had considered Nagpur, Surat and even Kolkata. But finally we choose Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad has grown very rapidly in the last three years and the mega city is showing no signs of cooling off.

3. Magnet takes its contribution to open source and Gujarati world seriously. Most of our projects for Gujarati language technology are in Gujarat. We have exclusive MOUs with Mahatma Gandhi’s Gujarat Vidyapith in Ahmedabad and H M Patel Institute in Anand for Gujaratilexicon.

4. Ahmedabad houses our statutory auditors and our close friends and associates.

5. Ahmedabad has talented and passionate youngsters with dedication – the most important ingredient for IT Sector.

Finally, Ratan Tata said, “You are stupid if you are not in Gujarat!” That would lay to rest any doubts regarding Gujarat.

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  1. One point: Ahemdabad is still lacking IT flavor from city. In Bangalore, you can fill it, but yes, you have to feel terrible traffic 🙁

    Hope that Ahemdabad will not run like Bangalore did. It is not place to spend your rest life!

  2. Swami
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    The reasons you have quoted seems more personal than professional.

    “lack of professionalism and mobility among employees (not entrepreneurs!)”… you made an escape.

    Pune n Gurgaon are yet to mature fully in IT.. you could have tried there. Yes.. In Ahmadabad property rates are low as compared to other two.

    Not many are following “Ratan Tata” in this regard. One saying by somebody can’t be a rational to follow.

    Thanks & Best of Luck.

  3. Swami
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    I was expecting some reply to the comment I have posted. But My comment itself is deleted.


  4. ashok.karania
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    Hi Swami

    Your comment was in moderation..it was not deleted…

    I agree. Professionalism and mobility is for entire eco-system not just for one set of stakeholders!

  5. Swami
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