Eternal Wisdom

Once an King asked his wise men to find the true wisdom of life. They researched for years and sought … Read More

Wonderful Excel Tips

Women and Excel are God’s Gifts! Excel has amazing powers and Point Hairy Dilbert has dedicated an entire section to … Read More


I completed Shantaram. Achievement! Gregory David Roberts’ Shantaram is a stunning book. It is a big, exciting, intelligent and genuine … Read More

Gujarat Monsoon Mania

Summary – Ashok’s floody adventures continue for a third time – Left Mumbai amidst heavy rains and adventure – Brief … Read More

Erasing The Past

I have erased my past. I am trying to start all over again. Nitya says that our past is never … Read More

The Cult Of The Amateur

“If we are all amateurs, there are no experts.” Mansukhbhai Shah recently informed about Andrew Keen’s new book, The Cult … Read More

Black Economy In India

Recently, Businessworld Magazine had carried a excellent and timely cover story on the growing black economy in India. It is … Read More

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