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Customer Experience : The Grand Bhagwati

An example of wonderful follow-up to your comments.

Everyone of us are familiar with the feedback form given to us at restaurants, airlines etc. Most of us avoid it. Some of us are cynical and are confident that the feedback is just a smart way of collecting more information about us. Then they will attack with more precise and planned marketing missiles.

I recently had been to Dhuan Restaurant at The Grand Bhagwati, Ahmedabad. We provided our feedback. I always give honest feedback and still believe that marketers are good human beings. As usual, I forgot about it until few days back when I received this in courier.

Delighted I was! (Customer delight is one of the top ten abused words in marketing.)

Kudos of the The Grand Bhagwati Team and the person responsible for it. You are one of those FEW GOOD MEN! Now of course, I am going to become little biased towards this restaurant and reward them more by my visits.

Check this out…

TGB Feedback

  1. i was been in dhuan on 2007 march, and i think that this is rubbish service, i have not bad service in my life loke this.
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    it was a very bad service provided to me in march 2007,in the same dhuan on top of the grand bhagwati.

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