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Airtel : Expressing Myself

Today’s Experience with Airtel

I had gone to Airtel Gallery to convert my prepaid number to postpaid number on Monday. I was asked to bring certain documents. I went with the said documents on Wednesday and submitted the same to Ms Mrinalini at Airtel Customer Care Office at Ashram Road Income Tax Ahmedabad Office of Airtel.

I had submitted the following documents:
1. PAN Card Copy
2. Lease Deed for Residence Proof
3. Company Proof for Receiving Monthly Bills
4. Photo
5. Airtel Forms
6. Rs 300 Deposit

I was told that my number would be converted from prepaid to postpaid within 48 hours.

Suddenly today my prepaid number stopped working in the morning. I was busy and hence called up Airtel customer care in evening at 6:30 pm. The following happened :

1. I called 98980 98980 for 6 times and nobody answered the phone in English option. It was disconnected after being picked up.
2. I called 98980 98980 and selected Gujarati Option. Voila – Human being greeted me at the end. They told me that my number is no longer prepaid and I need to call on postpaid number.
3. I called 98980 12345. They told me that my number is still not postpaid and I need to call on 98980 98980. I told him about the whole story. They said sorry. They suggested excellent solution – visit Airtel office.

So today I am experiencing no phone call day. But also surprised at this level of functioning and customer service. And I was wondering that Magnet alone needs to improve its efficiencies to next level.

Airtel is now Top 10 Telecom Company and had a wonderful ad which I also liked. See the ad here.

But it is a challenge to fulfill brand promise. Marketing guys have done excellent job but guys at ground kill the brand promise or enhance the customer satisfaction. Or is it unique to Airtel as it has outsourced operations of customer service?

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