Xiaomi Shakes Wearable Device Space With USD 13 Mi Band !

Bill Gates famously said that we always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten !

Xiaomi has shaken the wearable market with the introduction of its latest wearable device – Xiaomi Mi Band. It has been aggressively priced at USD 13 !

Xiaomi Mi Band attacks the personal health and fitness space. It focuses on tracking the user’s fitness and sleeping routine.

It boasts of a standby life of 30 days, is water resistant and comes in attractive colors !

This is truly taking wearable device to the mass markets ! It shows that, with further R&D and innovation, governments and public health organizations can redefine public health and universal care by leveraging such innovations.



The Healthy Left Hand

I meet lot of organizations and CXOs. We end discussing a lot of common areas – business landscape, opportunities, talent engagement and various challenges faced by organizations.

One of the interesting things which I often here are issues with a particular department or a team. Probe deeper and you find that it is usually an organizational issue that is reflected through a particular department. It is like the increased stress or the heat in the body manifests itself as an ulcer.

Can we have a one part of the body healthy and the rest of the body unhealthy? Either we are fully healthy or we are not. Does one really aspire to have a strong left hand but unhealthy tummy? The concept is of a holistic approach to health. A health body is an important goal – it means overall health ensures healthy hand, feet, eyes and even teeth – of course with a six pack !

Similarly there are never issues alone in the delivery teams. Check what the commitment sales has made. Check what the hiring cycle of the organization is. Check what the training and learning development plan of the organization is. Check the leadership of the team. Check the customer expectations.

Similarly there are never issues alone in the sales team. If they are missing the targets, why is it so? Is the sale response mechanism agile? Is the service offering complete? Is the offering differentiated well? How is the customer satisfaction index? Are internal bottlenecks impacting deliverables?

The same can be applied to operations, project management, human resources or any other department.

The aim of everyone is a healthy body and a healthy mind. The aim of every organization is a happy workplace with continuous business growth and higher customer satisfaction. Both can be achieved with holistic approach, honest assessment and regular workout!



SSS Special Guest – July : Dr Aniruddha Gupte

Sales Super Saturday Team is glad to announce that Dr. Aniruddha Gupte, CEO of Crimson Cobalt Group of companies has agreed to be a Keynote Speaker for the July edition.

Dr. Aniruddha who is currently based out of Pune is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and a Ph. D. from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA. He is a great inventor and has 6 technology patents to his credits and 4 more pending.

During his stints in the US and India, he has sold technology services and products to many Enterprises and Fortune 500 customers. Another aspect of his career also included managing the development and delivery of software applications.

Following are some of awards he had received in India during recent years:
- Winner – Economic Times Power of Ideas Competition by CIIE, IIM-Ahmedabad in November 2010
- Winner – DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program by DST (Govt. of India) & Lockheed Martin in April 2011
- Category Winner – Wipro-Wharton Global Innovation Challenge by Wipro & Wharton School of Management in May 2011

Aniruddha is also a mentor to the CEOs of many start-ups and mid-sized technology companies based out of Pune. He has been instrumental in building a great eco-system of startups there.

Date: July 18, 2014
Venue: InfoStretch House, Ahmedabad

We hope everybody is excited and we looking forward to hear from him.

Cheers !


Gujaratilexicon Unveils A New User Interface

Gujaratilexicon.Com Unveils A Cool New User Interface

Gujaratilexicon, the most comprehensive Gujarati language portal on the internet, unveiled a cool new user interface. The new avatar of GL is a complete redefinition with new logo, attractive design and enhanced features. The new design is a fusion of contemporary user experience trends with Gujaratilexicon’s strong content.

The salient features of the new site are:
1. Easy To Use User Interface: The new Gujarati Lexicon design is an efficient interface that offers priority to most used features of the module. The frequently performed tasks are to be made easier in the new UI with reduced steps or by enhanced priority on the module – in terms of pages navigated, clicks used and time required to perform the task. The easier flow of gathering information also reduces the unwanted time in gathering the information.
2. Enhanced Look And Feel: The UI redesign brings forward a fresh look and feel of the module. This includes new brand identity for Gujarati Lexicon as well as building new elements in design which are in coherence with this new identity.
3. New Logo: The new logo brings forward a modern touch with color and vibrancy. The logo is an experiment with typography that depicts building bridges between languages and cultures. The english alpahabets G and L are used to form Gujarati letter ‘અ’.
4. Specialized Dictionaries

The Project Gujaratilexicon started as an individual and humble effort to contribute to Gujarati language. Founder Shri Ratilal Chandaria’s love for mother tongue has today taken the shape of the most global and popular Gujarati Language initiative – Gujaratilexicon has thousands of users visiting it daily from 100 plus countries!

Dr. Ashok Karania, Mentor of Gujaratilexicon.com said, “The new design is a tribute to the Gujaratilexicon Founder Shri Ratilal Chandaria’s zeal for continuous improvement. He always believed in staying ahead of the technology curve and ensured that Gujarati language user always accessed the most modern and world-class technological innovations. The new site is optimized for all devices including latest tablets and smartphones. The Gujaratilexicon movement is spreading and attracting new users across the globe. People from all walks of life have adopted, loved and recommended Gujaratilexicon. GL Mobile Apps, Games and Bhagwadgomandal continue to made rapid strides in the Gujarati hearts. “

Ms Maitri Shah, Director said: “ Gujaratilexicon is committed to provide the Gujarati computer user with all the latest tools in Gujarati and reach all the Gujaratis in the world. The Phase 2 of the new design will connect all Gujarati lovers through a community portal. We are also working on new initiatives like Swahili Dictionary and new Mobile Apps. We have also revamped our customer support through better ticketing system and responsive support. Gujaratilexicon ensures that Gujarati Language is as Vibrant as our Vibrant Gujarat state.“

Gujaratilexicon’s vision is simple: Preserving, Nurturing & Promoting Gujarati Language & Lexical Resources Through The Use of World-Class & Contemporary Technological Tools.

GL Screenshot


InfoStretch Corporation Wins the Prestigious GESIA Award – The Fifth Time!

InfoStretch Corporation, a leading mobile enablement company, announced today that it won the prestigious GESIA (Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association) Award in the Best Innovative Product category for its exclusive product SYNCHRO.

GESIA_Trophy_2014 copy
InfoStretch Corporation, a leading mobile enablement company, announced that it has won the prestigious GESIA (Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association) Award in the Best Innovative Product category for its exclusive product SYNCHRO. InfoStretch Corporation has been recognized for the fifth time in a row for its superior technological prowess. GESIA recognized InfoStretch Corporation for its great achievements in mobile application development.

“InfoStretch is elated to receive the prestigious GESIA Award. Infoneers have always challenged the status quo and pursued excellence. Synchro, our home grown award-winning innovation, is further evidence of our expertise and experience to fulfill an important market need in the field of enterprise mobility.”, said Rutesh Shah, CEO and President of InfoStretch Corporation.

SYNCHRO is InfoStretch Corporation’s proprietary product that conducts synchronized testing on distributed devices under real conditions. The use of SYNCHRO enables the replication of real world conditions and perform testing on a variety of real devices that can be distributed across the different geographies. To learn more about SYNCHRO, follow these links to the product page and demo video.

InfoStretch Corporation’s Director of Enterprise Mobility Sales & Strategy, Ashok Karania, asserted, “We are so honored to have received this award for the 5th time. Gujarat and Ahmedabad are on the rise as strong hubs of technology and we are grateful to be part of the movement!” InfoStretch Corporation is proud to have a strong foothold in an up and coming area such as Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Innovation is the foundation of success, and InfoStretch Corporation looks forward to what the next year will bring.

About InfoStretch Corporation

InfoStretch is a leading mobile application enablement company with a focus on development, testing, sustenance and monitoring. Our mobile solutions are powered by home-grown technology products and frameworks. We have been providing expert mobile solutions and services since 2004 to various enterprises to help them mobilize, monetize and thrive. For more information, visit http://www.infostretch.com


GESIA, the Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association, is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the Gujarat IT-ITES industry with over 200+ member companies. GESIA is the only State Level Association for Electronics, Software, IT, ITES, BPO/KPO/LPO, Telecom/ISP, Networking and IT Education recognized by the government of Gujarat, India. For more information, visit http://www.gesia.org.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/07/prweb12016454.htm


The Netlfix Culture Document – A Must Read !

I came across the “Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility” document on Sunday evening. It was a good revisit of the Netflix values and philosophy of excellence.

Sheryl Sandberg even called it “the most important document ever to come out of the Valley.”

It’s a living set of “behaviors and skills” that the Netflix management team updated continuously and fastidiously. And it drives toward a single point: a company is like a pro sports team, where good managers are good coaches, and the goal is to field stars in every position.

There are lot of good insights:
1. Like the expense policy – Act In Netflix’s Best Interest !
2. Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled – Makes sense
3. Pay top performers the top salaries – no bell curves or standard increment
4. Honesty and top severance packages

A Must Read for sure !

Source: First Round

Also Read Harvard Document on Netflix – How Netflix Reinvented HR by Patty McCord


Happy Guru Purnima


Happy Guru Purnima

Thanks to the wonderful teachers and mentors for shaping my life.

Their faith in me was solid.
Their belief in me was legendary. I wondered and I pushed myself harder to never let down on that belief.
Their confidence in me was supreme.
They inspired me by their acts of selflessness and humility.
Their look of disapproval stopped me from being content with mediocrity.
They educated me on the pros and cons of the choices I made. But they always supported in the every choice I made.

Their love and concern was and is unconditional.

Their is only one explanation for the love and care I received from my mentors – I may have been lucky. But they are divine souls who spread their happiness in the environment and touch every soul that comes their way.

Words cannot express the gratitude I owe. I can only promise to carry forward the legacy and give back to my environment in the same way !

Thank you !

Happy Guru Purnima !


Amazon Fire – The Smartphone With A Purpose !

The crowded and the unkind Mobile Handset Market has a new arrival – Amazon’s Smartphone ‘Fire’. Will it herald the arrival of specialized devices or will it be Amazon’s biggest mistake?


The online shopping giant Amazon has been wanting to launch a smartphone for quite some time. It is late. But it has clear intentions. The phone is a e-commerce device. According to SRG, about 56 per cent of online Americans either browse or buy something on Amazon weekly via PC, laptop or mobile phone. It is trying to ensure and evolve more engagement with these American shoppers and also attract new users.

The phone’s most significant feature, called “Firefly,” employs audio and object recognition technology to identify products and present the user with ways to purchase the items through Amazon. Users can simply snap a photo of a book, for instance, and Firefly will offer up its title and author, give more information about it and provide ways to buy it. Thus it is a phone with purpose. With the phone able to scan and interpret printed text, identify songs by listening to them, or recognize movies and TV shows by watching them, it could become the sort of visual search engine that other phones don’t have as a core function. The Fire also has four front-facing cameras that create a 3D-like effect on its screen, which allows users to pan their views by tilting the device. And it has a “MayDay” button that can be pushed to get nearly-instant tech support.

The phone does not allow Google’s popular apps like Maps or Gmail and hence may not cut much ice with normal consumers. The price is also on higher side. The phone has all the standard features but it does not have too many Apps on its Amazon App Store. Though Blackberry has tied-up with Amazon Android Appstore as Blackberry also has similar problem – fewer apps on its App-store.

The phone is clearly on a mission – engaging Amazon shoppers and drive e-commerce. Will consumers put shopping over normal features? Unlikely. But who knows !



RIP Shrenikbhai Kasturbhai Lalbhai

The Legends Of Gujarat Continue To Shock Us !

Shrenik Kasturbhai Lalbhai of the Lalbhai family passed away on Thursday after a prolonged illness. He was 89. He is associated with various industries including Arvind, Atul Group etc. His son Sanjay Lalbhai heads the denim giant Arvind Ltd.

I was one of the lucky ones to meet him through Shri Ratilal Chandaria. Shrenikbhai was associated with Gujarati Vishwakosh Trust and Anandji Kalyanji Trust – the leading Jain Trust. Shri Chandaria was associated with GujaratiLexicon and Institute Of Jainology. Gujarati and Jainism thus was a common bond between them. Watching their discussions was a great experience – extreme humility, living embodiment of Jain Principles, ethical leadership….I was blessed.

Shrenik Lalbhai was also associated with CEPT, ISRO, IPR, IIM-A and ATIRA. He was a Jain Expert and served the society in various manner.

May His Soul Rest In Peace



InfoStretch Is Hiring !

InfoStretch Is Hiring !

A Career Opportunity Full Of Learning, A Workplace That Is Exciting, A Culture That Is Stimulating & A Company That Is None To Other ! Fancy A Job That InfoStretch – Lot Of Job Openings Now Live ! Multiple Opportunities Across US and India.


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