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Travel Nostalgia: The Making Of My TEDx Session

“We are all refugees from our childhoods”
– Mohsin Ahmed, How To Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia

It was an eventful day in London when the invite for TedX Lakhota Lake landed in my inbox. I read the invite and was pleased to know that TedX was launching in Jamnagar. And I was happy that I was invited as a part of the inaugural event.

The organizers were extremely encouraging, creative and generous. They gave me the complete freedom to choose a topic that I wanted to speak on. I started thinking. People expected me to talk on leadership, technology or movies. But this time I wanted to talk on something that I have never talked before. And I wanted to bring the Jamnagar connection alive.

Jamnagar was the place that was part of my initial travels outside Bombay. Year after year, I used to travel from Bombay to temple town of Shankheshwar to Jamnagar and Khambalia – cities in Gujarat. It was as spiritual experience to me as the destination of the temple town. I have special memories of my time with cousins and friends in those places. But I enjoyed the idea of travel the most. I used to find my own space while traveling and enjoy my chosen books and music. I would relish the changing landscapes as the Indian Railways train chugged along while we spoke to fellow travelers and their stories. Thus travel became an important memory of my childhood.

Hence it was befitting that I chose the topic of travel for my TedX debut in Jamnagar. The topic was SoulFuel: Why Solivagant Travel Matters!

TedX debut is always special. And the fact that I choose speak about my travel memories and connect with the city made it even more special for me. Life is beautiful!