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The Future Of Money – Digital Rupee

Experience The Future Of Money With Digital Rupee – India’s First Digital Currency!

Digital Rupee app is a e₹ wallet application that enables users to conduct transactions using Digital Rupee tokens. It can be used to pay for goods & services and send money to anyone in form of digital currency.

Digital Rupee is the legal tender issued by RBI in a digital form – It is equivalent to our sovereign paper currency. It is a legal tender and an accepted medium of payment in India – since backed by Government and RBI.

Based on Blockchain Technology, it is secure, fast and real-time. Since it is a digital currency, it’s always on – instant and convenient way of making and receiving payment. Heartening to note that India continues to spearhead the payments revolution – as we march towards a digital and cashless society!

All leading banks including ICICI, Kotak have their Digital Currency Apps! Try Digital Rupee App today – Celebrate the festival of wealth Dhanteras and festival of lights Diwali in an unique way!