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Srikanth: An Inspiring Eye-Opening Heart-Warming Movie

Srikanth: An Inspiring Eye-Opening Heart-Warming Movie

Srikanth – A Cinematic Triumph! A Must-Watch!

Srikanth is based on the extraordinary life of Srikanth Bolla – an inspirational figure with hordes of achievements that even fully abled can only dream of! Srikanth is a visionary who happens to be visually impaired. 

Srikanth’s life is indeed extra ordinary and it provides director Tushar Hiranandani with a solid material – an ecstatic father names his son after legendary cricketer Srikanth but is shattered to see a sightless baby. He is about to be buried alive, but mother begs for his life and saves him. The bullying in school, the rise in a special school, fighting and winning the case against Indian education system for not allowing visually challenged students to study science, getting a place in Indian cricket team, rejection by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), selection by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), life in America, return to India, struggles for setting up his business and his entrepreneurial success – all captured beautifully. 

The best part of the movie is that it is showcases Srikanth’s mistakes and follies – when he takes his success and well-wishers for granted – the movie thus not ending as a sugar coated sycophantic hagiographical movie.  

Rajkumar Rao shines with his sincerity and authenticity. His dives into the mind and heart of Srikanth and gives a nuanced performance. His snapping of fingers, arrogance, emotional speech – he balances all emotions and there is not a single false note. He is confident – I am not trying to be a hero,  I am the hero! Rajkumar takes his own craft to next level and this is indeed an award winning performance. 

Sharad Kelkar is rock solid and makes a tremendous impact as a loyal friend and well-wisher of Srikanth. Lovely act. Jyothika impresses with her compassionate and understanding where she becomes Srikanth’s backbone. Their performances are a vital strength of the movie. Alaya has a small but charming role as Srikanth’s love interest. . 

Strong script and nice story telling. Full marks to the director Tushar Hiranandani. Cinematic liberties are indeed taken to elevate certain events and drive home certain points but Srikanth does not get boring or preachy at anytime. No bechara – Only barabari! 

The songs are beautifully composed and strengthen the story. Tu Mil Gaya and Jeena Sikha De are romantic beauties but the recomposed Papa Kehte Hai fits very aptly with the storyline. 

Srikant is an inspirational, positive and spirit lifting movie that deserves to be watched with the full family! 

If Sri can, so can you!

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