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Sightless, Not Visionless

True Visionary

Change Maker

Successful Entrepreneur

Highly Inspiring

MIT’s First International Visually Impaired Student

Indian President Abdul Kalam’s Hero

Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30

What a list of accolades! Srikanth Bolla’s is an inspirational figure with hordes of achievements that even fully abled can only dream of! Srikanth is a visionary who happens to be visually challenged.

I had the great honour of interviewing the legendary Srikanth Bolla in a fireside chat at Apexon. Anand Kabra, our Chief People and Transformation Officer, facilitated the event as part of Celebrating Apexon.

Srikanth shared his journey from a sightless newborn to an award-winning industrialist.Srikanth’s life is indeed extra ordinary – an ecstatic father names his son after legendary cricketer Srikanth but is shattered to see a sightless baby. He is about to be buried alive, but mother begs for his life and saves him. The bullying in school, the rise in a special school, fighting and winning the case against Indian education system for not allowing visually challenged students to study science, getting a place in Indian cricket team, rejection by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), selection by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), life in America, return to India, struggles for setting up his business and his entrepreneurial success. He was President Abdul Kalam’s hero and he invested in Srikanth’s startup.

Srikanth shared the journey of his life with all the ups and downs with an unprecedented level of candour and authenticity – he even revealed his mistakes and bad habits.

Apexon associates and their family were highly inspired by Srikanth and the non-stop flow of questions was a proof of his impact.

A few excerpts of Srikanth’s quotes:

I am sightless, not visionless. Sight is of the eyes, but the vision comes from the mind.

I can do anything.

The challenges, insults and bullying motivated me further to do well in life.

The fight is in my internal DNA. I will not accept things as they are – I will fight for the change. I am not afraid of anyone or anything.

I believe in equality and equal ability. I do not want reservation, nor I tick the ‘blind’ column in any form.

I aspire to be India’s first visually challenged president. India can be a first world country. And I have a vision for the new India.

Loneliness is the biggest poverty.

I am a workaholic and restless person, but I do appreciate and endorse the need for a healthy work life balance.

My company employees’ people with all different abilities. I believe compassion is what makes you rich.

My favourite movies are Mahanati, Dhoni, and Soorarai Pottru. I can watch my favourite movies even 100 times.

I would love to play myself in a movie.

Srikanth movie was made in 41 days, and everyone was very committed. The movie was made in 20% less than allocated budget. Sharad Kelkar charged only Rs 111 for the movie.

Tu Mil Gaya is my favorite song from Srikanth movie

I love non-vegetarian food.

Truly, it was an amazing and enchanting evening with Srikanth who indeed is a living example that everything is possible when one has a clear goal and is totally determined! If Sri can, so can we!