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Laapataa Ladies: A Simple & Heartwarming Classic!

Laapataa Ladies: A Simple & Heartwarming Classic!

Gentle and charming unveiling of patriarchal and socially blinding veils! A must watch!

Kiran Rao’s Laapata Ladies is an authentic, sincere and original story showcased in a very beautiful and warm manner. Like 12th Fail, this is a big-hearted story of small-town India.

The feel-good satire tells the tale of two brides who are swapped accidentally and how they find themselves while lost. As the story progresses, lot of societal issues are addressed but with humour and gentle treatment – never preachy! A warm hug is stronger than long conversations!

Women empowerment, role of education, patriarchy, female bonding, political games, outgrown customs and traditional woes – all are beautifully interwoven. But the movie is never boring!

The actors are outstanding. Phool and Jaya as the lost brides, the melancholic Deepak, the railway platform samaritans including Manju and the extended family – all are spot-on. The most impactful character is actor Ravi Kishan as the policeman who is scary, corrupt but finds his conscience – the most layered, balancing and impressive act.

The story and screenplay is top-notch. The writing and direction is so perfect that no dialogue or scene feels out of place. Phool hiding behind “Use Me” dustbin, Manju’s fraud theory and changing names of villages – all are subtle and smartly intelligent.

Even Manju’s frustration “Bhawra bana ke rakh diya hai sabko” is beautiful. Or this dialogue of Deepak: “Jevar chori doi dukh paana; chhota dukh chori, bada dukh thaana – wow!

Ram Sampath knows how to complement the simplicity with beautiful music.

Full marks to Kiran Rao! Watch this beautiful tale of positivity, emotional intelligence and hope that challenge the status quo!