Lucky Restaurant : Chai Maska Bun With The Dead !
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Lucky Restaurant : Chai Maska Bun With The Dead !

Do You Feel Uncomfortable In The Company Of The Dead? What About Eating Tea And Pineapple Jam Bun In Their Company?

Welcome To The Most Interesting And An Unusual Restaurant – The New Lucky Restaurant In Ahmedabad. The Place Is Famous For The Tombs In The Restaurant. People Drink The Famous Tea And Maska Bun In The Company Of The Departed Sufi Poets And Saints Of The Mughal Era.

I Accidentally Visited This Place. Year Was 2003. I Was Early For A Morning Meeting And I Decided To Have Tea. I Went Inside The Restaurant And Ordered The Tea. As I Was Reading My Newspaper, I Noticed A Tomb Besides Me. I Was Surprised. Then I Saw More Of Those Tombs. As I Started Chatting With The Restaurant People, I Learnt The History Of The Place. Since Then, It Is A Must Visit Place In Ahmedabad Itinerary For My Guests And Friends!

Lucky Started As A Small Street Side Tea Stall Under A Tree Near The Sidi Sayyed Mosque. The Business Grew And It Got Converted Into A Larger Restaurant – With Benches & Tables Around Twenty Tombs. The Tree Still Exists Inside The Restaurant.

One Unknown Fact Is That This Restaurant Has An Original M F Hussain Painting, Gifted By None Other Than The Most Celebrated Painter – Who Was A Lucky Restaurant Fan !

The New Lucky Restaurant Was Featured As One Of The Top Ten Odd Eateries By Time Magazine.