Midnight Hunger? Try Manek Chowk !
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Midnight Hunger? Try Manek Chowk !

Manek Chowk is one of the most popular places of Ahmedabad. It is famous for its night food stalls, which give the place a unique energy and vibrancy. The place is crowded from late evening to early morning. The place to be for the midnight hunger !

Manek Chowk is an open square in the heart of old Ahmedabad. It is a jewellery and vegetable market in the day time. However, its night food stalls have made it really famous. It is one of the must have experiences of Ahmedabad.

I have been the guide to many tourist and gypsy souls visiting Ahmedabad. I often take them to Manek Chowk in the midnight. I tell my friends to treat this as a unique experience – it is not good or bad – it is a different experience.

Try the following things:
1. Gwalior Dosa @ Balan Dosa Centre – This is very soft dose. Actually this is butter with dosa. Extra layers of butter make it tasty and soft.
2. Tez Dosa @ Balan Dosa Centre – The Tez is a bigger hit than Ajay Devgan’s Tezz. A spicy treat after the buttery Gwalior Dosa.
3. Ferarri Sandwich – Pineapple and sandwich but cheese layer replaces the bread layer. Different !
4. Cadbury Pineapple Sandwich – Another Manek Chowk experience! Some think it is a dessert. But it is a starter actually !
5. Hyderabadi Biryani
6. Pav Bhaji
7. Kulfi @ Asharfi – The must have dessert.

People can try HajmaHajam (digestive freshener), Farsan, Pani Puri, Ragda Pattice, Chat Items and Pizza as well.

A week at Manek Chowk converts your 8 packs into single pack !