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Inception : A Must Watch Movie!

Inception – Awesome! Mind-Blowing!! Just Watch It !!! You Cannot Afford To Miss It !!!!

Inception is a sure fire Oscar winner ! Christoper Nolan Directed Leonardo DiCaprio Starrer Inception is an intelligent thriller ! The Movie focuses on the life of Dom Cobb, who enters the dreams of the people and steals the information which otherwise is never accessible. In order to re-unite with his family, he is given a challenging task of planting an idea – Inception ! This is one of the most difficult and risky job for Cobb. But he takes it up and creates a team to help him.

The concept is truly out of the world. The execution is flawless. Chris Nolan’s direction is awesome. The screenplay and the pace of the movie are exciting. The cinematography and special effects match up with the acting power of the top class cast.

The concepts of Totem, Dream Within Dream Within Dream, Contagious Ideas, Cobb’s Wife Track etc really are well conceived.

Watch It ! It is a movie you want to watch it in theatres and then discuss with friends over a coffee. Do not miss it ! Chris Nolan brings another winner after The Dark Knight.

Inception has a great run in India. It has gone ahead of all other releases with it including 3 Bollywood movies. We watched it along with a packed house in Ahmedabad – it is really an amazing movie.


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