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Excellent Movie – The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is one of the best movies of the recent times. It is based on Khalid Hosseini’s best-seller. The Marc Forster directed movie is all about second chances in the life. The film’s tagline says – There is a way to be good again !

The movie is about friendship and betrayal but it also touches upon the relation between father and his son.

The protagonist is a novliest Amir, who gets a chance at redemption from guilt which has weighed him down since the time as a child he witnessed silently the brutal rape of his best friend Hassan. The path to contrition involves confrontation with the mighty Talibans who have taken over Afganistan and securing freedom of Hassan’s son Sohrab from the clutches of Taliban. Incidentally, Sohrab is also sexually tortured by Taliban.

The movie is full of moving scenes including Sohrab’s escape from the hotel and the talk thereafter. The last scene of the movie is touching as well. Whe Amir offers to run the kote for Sohrab by echoing Hassan’s words, ‘For you, a thousand times over’, it purges him of pent-up guilt and signifies the sense of atonement that permeates the story.

Go watch. This is cinema at its best !

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