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Gratitude – Travel In Corona Virus Times!

hank You!

Thank you everyone for all the love and care!

The constant flood of messages and calls make me realise how truly blessed I am! 

With each passing day, anxiety of near and dear ones increased as new updates were being received about the Coronavirus. The logical mind had to acknowledge the love and care of concerned hearts. 

During my travel these days, have seen lot of worried faces with hopes and prayers in the hearts. Airports and heavily crowded train stations have been sparsely populated. My flights had lots of empty seats. 

I am back at my home after curtailing the business trip and reached India just in time before new restrictions are being imposed. The trip was productive as I met my major objectives barring a few. But these are not the usual times to ruminate RoI when Coronavirus is becoming a Brobdingnagian threat. 

The last 10-12 days have been an educational experience for the world as a whole as we fight the battles of fear and ignorance amidst a rising Coronavirus threat! My heart goes for local traders and tourism dependent people – they are not insured against the vagaries of men and nature.

The good old hygiene habits are back in fashion! And rightly so!

The virus is indeed spreading past and affecting the older population. The advice has been given again and again – but it is what stands true!

1. Keep washing hands
2. Do not touch face, noise and mouth again and again. It is surprising how we underestimate this.
3. Use Zoom meetings instead of taking flights. Flights and airports are the most dangerous places!
4. Stay indoors, if not feeling healthy
5. Mixed opinion on masks. Do what you feel is right.


1. Prithvi no chedo ghar – The world ends at one’s own home!
2. Do not forget to be a human being!

Stay Safe. Be Safe.

Image: Hanny Naibaho