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What A Movember Rain It Was!


All good things come to an end! And rightly so! Because then they create moments to cherish, and lessons to reflect!

The Men’s health is a neglected topic. The challenges and demands of a modern life and workplace are colossal. Men grapple with all the curveballs of life with a smiling face – but they need a helping hand and sympathetic world around them.

I am glad that my participation in Movember created several conversations for awareness of Men’s health and a caring world for men. I ran two marathons and got several friends to participate in Movember including Harish. I was hyper-active on social media and used every opportunity to talk about the Movember movement. I even attended a global conference in Vienna with my no-shave look and continued the conversations. The release of Bala movie and Ayushmann’s video on being a perfect gentleman seemed timely.


As I look back at Movember, I cannot feel anything but happiness and satisfaction!  The month did not seem as a slow boat to China. Nor did I see an inhabitant of Bongo Bongo island in the mirror and eyes of loved ones!

A special thanks to Geetanjali Sahni – the high priestess of follow-ups and task management. Leveraging her eternal charm, persistent reminders and unashamed threats, the poster girl of determination ensured Team Geetanjali was on track! Her fiery stare and sharp repartees evaporated our excuses. During the entire Movember, she was our Chi.

Aparajito and I loved the time spent on creative posters and the journey as cohort of Team Geetanjali.

Thanks to the Movember champions Krunal and Zil and entire Pahel Team for making Movember such a grand success!

And the post cannot be complete with a Bollywood anecdote. My heart goes for Tina’s male co-actor who had to cancel shooting with her due to pain in his uterus! I cannot empathise with him but my sympathies to Twinkle Khanna.