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Thoughts On Death

Death is a technical problem. Yuval Noah Harris says that death happens because our body parts fail. The next frontier in science is to conquer death. We are adding years to our life with each passing decade. Can we become immortal? 

Death is the ultimate truth of life. People are either afraid of death or try to run away from it. Acknowledge it. Accept it. And live today’s life with full celebration!

Death is the reality of life. And when we die, the bank balance, designation, KRAs, Instagram supremacy and everything else will cease to matter. Within a few days, live will move on. Within a few years, the name will be gone. Within a few generations, our memory will be gone. So why stress so much? Let us live a life of principles. Let us live a life to be an example to our network. Let us live a life to help others.

After a good day of hard work and meaningful activities with family, one gets a great sleep. Similarly, a life of good deed and actions results in a peaceful long time sleep.

What would I wish when I die? One of my life’s biggest principle is ‘Live 2 Give’. I guess it should continue after the death. Hence it would be nice to be useful to others even when I am gone. Organ donation or donating the complete body for medical reasons is a great option. The soul has departed, so if the body organs can help someone else, it should be exercised. In India, there are emotional and spiritual reasons that are discussed, but I believe it is the lack of awareness on the benefits of organ donation that is the key issue. I would love to give possessions like books to the people who benefit from it. 

Death should not be a serious event. There should be no or minimal formalities – let the world carry on without being affected. The loved ones and friends should celebrate the departure at a cinema call and watch a favourite movie – Anand, Guide, Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa! If food questions comes in, the South Indian food is the way to go! And pan as well!

Image Courtesy: Hanan Hashi