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Suicide Is Not The Answer

Shocked and saddened by the suicide of V G Siddhartha – cannot believe it!

Siddhartha founded the Cafe Coffee Day chain and changed the way India drank coffee. He created thousands of jobs, a great brand and shared wealth. He also backed Mindtree and underwrote Infosys shares. He made other IT investments and gave support to the founders.

Why did he do this? We will never know the reasons. He came from a strong family, had great political and business connections. He was a successful entrepreneur. There are talks about the pressure of PE investor, Income Tax harassment and Debt woes. But an entrepreneur knows all such challenges – at what point did it really get too much? Or was there something else?

It is impossible for us to judge what he must be going through. No one can imagine his situation. 

My point is simple….Suicide is not the answer. Life is a gift. Setbacks give way to sunshine. Today’s problems will go away.  

Suicide means end of a great talent and human potential. It means failure of the human spirit. It leaves behind emotional scars for family and friends for life – a guilt that they could not do enough. 

And yes, no individual nor any organisation is worth giving up our live for. 

When one feels low, please talk to friends. Listen to music – a cure for everything. Spend time with nature. Or help others – world is full of more unfortunate people and helpless situations than us – help others. Instead of giving up life, help others live a good life and one could find our own meaning of life. 

Reach out fo self-care group, suicide prevention helplines like Sneha, Parivartan etc.. Organizations like Moodcafe, White Swan Foundation, Live Love Laugh Foundation, MPower Minds can help as well. 

Choose life. Suicide is not the answer. This too shall pass. 

Image Courtesy: Faris Mohammed