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The Future Of Cars by KIDS

The ‘Toyota Dream Car Art Contest’ asks kids to draw their vision of the “dream car of the future” each year. Over 600,000 kids entered this year, and Toyota is releasing one design from each of 90 finalists a day, complete with a short animation whipped up for each design.

Some took creative approaches to solving actual problems. Several of the designs suggested cars that could scoop up and recycle trash off the street as they drove along; one version turned plastic scraps into low-cost bricks for housing, while another created new products in a section of the car. One kid reinvented the school bus, with individual cars that would be programmed to join together at a certain point to reduce traffic.

Very interesting and very smart ideas.

I showed this to my son and he said that he was thinking of a car that could drive in the sea or river and bring fresh water after recycling it. A solution for Project Ganga for Narendra Modi?

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