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Sleep Well – Think Well !

Get Some Sleep ! The advice we hear so often but never implement !

Workaholism may be a badge of honor but it can be dangerous if we are depriving ourselves of sleep as well.

I came across this video on the research on sleeping behavior. AsapSCIENCE has a new video that explains the effects of lack of sleep, from decreased brain function to increased risks of heart disease and obesity. In one study, researchers found that subjects who slept just six hours a night for 14 days had the cognitive wherewithal of someone with a .1% blood alcohol level. That’s legally drunk.

The good news: You can make up modest amounts of “sleep debt” over time.
The bad news: If you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, over time you lose your ability to judge your own reduced cognitive abilities.

Finally the big one – Oversleeping is more dangerous as well. Workaholic in me smiles !

The best sleep : 7-8 hours !

Get some sleep. Some quick tips:

1. Avoid the anxiety to check work emails. Even though you surf for Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin, you end up replying to work emails. And some contents can start your train of thoughts.

2. Avoid bright lights or television.

3. Spend time talking to family.

4. Drink warm milk. Avoid heavy food or late night snacks.

5. Keep the mobile phone away ! (Ironic for me to write this !)

6. Sleep at the same time daily – It helps !

7. Read – It helps apart from giving you good knowledge and relaxation

Sleep Well. Think Well. Live Well !

  1. Fantastic as usual Ashok!
    And the larger fact for workaholic and knowledge hunger persons is that they will have to sacrifice two times for satisfying their hunger – i.e. time with family and time to sleep. 1, 3 (spending satisfactory time with family I mean) and 6 – Not sure it’s possible up to what level… But yes, will definitely try considering these points…

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