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The Healthy Left Hand

I meet lot of organizations and CXOs. We end discussing a lot of common areas – business landscape, opportunities, talent engagement and various challenges faced by organizations.

One of the interesting things which I often here are issues with a particular department or a team. Probe deeper and you find that it is usually an organizational issue that is reflected through a particular department. It is like the increased stress or the heat in the body manifests itself as an ulcer.

Can we have a one part of the body healthy and the rest of the body unhealthy? Either we are fully healthy or we are not. Does one really aspire to have a strong left hand but unhealthy tummy? The concept is of a holistic approach to health. A health body is an important goal – it means overall health ensures healthy hand, feet, eyes and even teeth – of course with a six pack !

Similarly there are never issues alone in the delivery teams. Check what the commitment sales has made. Check what the hiring cycle of the organization is. Check what the training and learning development plan of the organization is. Check the leadership of the team. Check the customer expectations.

Similarly there are never issues alone in the sales team. If they are missing the targets, why is it so? Is the sale response mechanism agile? Is the service offering complete? Is the offering differentiated well? How is the customer satisfaction index? Are internal bottlenecks impacting deliverables?

The same can be applied to operations, project management, human resources or any other department.

The aim of everyone is a healthy body and a healthy mind. The aim of every organization is a happy workplace with continuous business growth and higher customer satisfaction. Both can be achieved with holistic approach, honest assessment and regular workout!

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