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Erasing The Past

I have erased my past. I am trying to start all over again. Nitya says that our past is never erased – and that’s a good or bad thing depending on your past. But I think that most people are so obsessed with their past that they never move ahead in life. The best example is INDIA. Past should never be an handicap but a source of strength and wisdom.

I like the quote: Nothing is more crushing to your laurels than resting on them. Also, Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it!

There is a alternative school of thought which says that live for the present. But that does not mean that we forget past or be careless about the future. The idea is to learn to enjoy the present and now get too worried about both past and future. Plan for the future, learn from the past but live and enjoy the present too.

And that indeed is a sensible idea. We need to live for today. Give your best and forget the rest. Easy to preach, difficult to practice!

  1. What you are saying is probably not to be limited by the past. If something happened one way in the past, does not mean it will happen that way again. If something worked or did not work last time, the next time need not be the same.

    The relationship between past, present and future is a complicated one. Of course, all happiness theories say we got to live in the present. But it’s not easy.

    What are the lessons to take from the past? Arguably, the answer to that is also something that will limit our horizons!

    I personally prefer the future to the past 😉

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