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Less Is More!

I read this article named The Relationship Between Clutter and Debt at The Family CEO Blog. It speaks about the relationship between clutter and how we manage our finances.

Yes, there is a relationship between clutter and money. If we are not systematic and particular in organizing ourselves, we would tend to be laid-back about managing our finances. And lack of financial mismanagement have saddened many a life.

Some excerpts from the post:

First there’s the obvious: most clutter consists of items purchased. And that costs money. While some things come into our lives for free, many are things that at one time we wanted or thought we needed and so we purchased them. More purchases eventually equal more clutter.

I also believe that there’s another less obvious relationship. By choosing to have less (de-cluttering) I tend to value it more. Letting go of things creates a feeling of contentment and satisfaction rather than a desire to have more. Don’t believe it? Help your child clean up his or her room or playroom and watch as they re-discover toys, books, and games they had forgotten they had.

That’s because clutter represents stuff that isn’t valued. How much can I really care about items that have found their way to the bottom of my closet or a box in the basement? My goal is to have less but to really care for and value what I have.

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