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Eternal Wisdom

Once an King asked his wise men to find the true wisdom of life. They researched for years and sought the wisdom in near and distant lands. They came with the book of wisdom. The king said that it was too elaborate and long. We need a gist of it. The wise men again returned to research and exploration mode. When they returned this time, the wisdom capsule was a small booklet. The king felt that also not brief enough. Again the wise men went and returned with 4 words of wisdom. The king was happy and expressed satisfaction. He rewarded the wise men with royal honors and material wealth.

What were these words ?

These words are the only truth of life! Read More on This Too Shall Pass

Evergreen Verse

Everyone of us face challenges everyday. While facing those everyday issues and challenges, we need to keep our cool, refresh ourselves and look at the big picture. Kaka shared with me the following verse, the famous prayer of Alcoholics Anonymous. These words were also framed in a poster in Magnet’s Borivali Office.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference!

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  1. Kiran Aghor
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    This too shall pass..Very insightful. Saying this to onself at that critical moment and believing in it would definitely make her/him a winner. I read the same story but it had a different single line message that said: ‘There are no free lunches’. I guess I read it in ‘U Can Win’.
    This sure is a pretty warm blog design. Slightly issue with Safari browser though.


    દુઃખનું ઓસડ દાહડા

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