The World Is Changing - 2014 Thoughts !
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The World Is Changing – 2014 Thoughts !

1. The business world is getting dynamic with each passing day. Winners are created in a short span of time and old reputations shattered in even shorter span of time. Samsung and Blackberry are good examples.
2. Winners are created in shorter span of time. Also, winner takes it all ! Samsung and Apple control the profits of the entire industry.
3. No Innovation – No Respect.
No World-Class Offerings – No Admission In Business World.

4. Mobile and cloud are now integral to enterprises. There are no fence-sitters now!
5. Big Data Analytics indeed seems to be the next billion dollar opportunity.
6. Wearable Devices are the next big thing. Smart Shoes, Smart Accessories. Hopefully human beings will be more smarter as well !

7. As always, money is still not the prime motivator of people. As always, designation does not determine the leader. It is always the purpose, vision, challenging work and respect that drives people !
8. Digital Detox is gaining currency ! Slow Movement will fasten !

9. AAP is transforming and influencing Indian Political thinking. India’s Jasmine Revolution is beyond the social media now.
10. Youth are driving the change across Sports, Movies and Businesses.