Collaboration Is Nothing Without a Shared Purpose
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Collaboration Is Nothing Without a Shared Purpose

I Recently Came Across Wonderful Note From Vineet Nayar In HBR Called – A Shared Purpose Drives Collaboration

In an effort to improve collaboration, and to make it seem less forced and unnatural, companies spend a lot of money on new technology and training. But this approach doesn’t get at the heart of great team work: a shared purpose. Collaboration can’t be “processed” into being. It only works when leaders articulate the problem — along with the challenges and the goals. This is why the team at NASA worked so well together after the Apollo 13 crisis. Ditto on the Federal Aviation Authority during 9/11. When leaders express the problem, the challenges, and the goal in clear, direct, and motivational language, great collaboration will result.

Very true !

Indeed, I have always believed and quoted – Purpose Is Bigger Than Processes. Share Values Are Bigger Than Strategies.

I recollected the movie screening and discussion around Apollo 13. The central point was that crisis brought everyone together – everyone was working for the same goal. So whether it is crisis or a football match, collaboration is automatic when there is a shared purpose. And then everyone trusts each other, there is openness and communication is clearer. Leaders have to drive the vision and create the purpose for the organization.

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