Indian Public Servants' Vulgar Use Of Red Beacons
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Indian Public Servants’ Vulgar Use Of Red Beacons

His Highness Respected Judge

Hi ! Good Morning !

You may not know me. But I know you a bit. We are “Roadies”

Atleast 2-3 times a week, I drive the car myself at 9 am. And I get your company from Commerce Cross Roads To Thaltej Circle on Drive-In Road every morning. I reach office every early when I am following your car. My family thinks that I am still driving crazily. Actually, the secret is something different.

I follow your car. Your car has the “Lal Batti” or the “Red Beacon”. Your driver keep its ON for 50% of the time. At every traffic signal, he goes all blazing and adds the “Sarkari Sound” as well. As you know our traffic police are still serving Government Servants first and then citizens, so they allow your car to pass and the whole traffic goes for a toss. But it definitely ensures that we have a cake walk.

But I do not know why – but I do get upset. Now my CEO Rutesh Shah who also happens to be my mentor told me: “ Ashok – You are a good human being and a strong leader. But please understand that you cannot solve the world’s hunger problem. Please accept 10% inefficiency in the system and focus on the job at hand”. So I usually try to not challenge and question the “Sarkari” and “Self-Proclaimed” leaders everywhere around me.

But this thrice a week disregard for common public and vulgar display of power has finally hit me. I would have done RTI, posted your car picture with registration number (I have the car pictures!) etc etc. But another IT veteran and a mentor wrote in his book and I follow – “Not all wars are worth fighting for”.

Alcoholics Anonymous said “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.”

But can a dog forget to wag his tail? No – I have to register my protest. And this is the mildest protest. I am writing this on my blog and putting it on my network.

India got independence in 1947. The-good-doctor-turned-scapegoat-PM gave us Economic Independence in 1991. Our ‘Nayak’ Kejriwal and TsuNamo Modi has changed the standard of expected behavior. Please change. You know the rules of using those privileges. So please do not embarrass yourself. Let me paste the link for you:

Please do not use the “Red Light” and stop those blazing sounds. Remember, I have the pictures!

Finally, I appreciate one fact about of many good things that you possess. You are out of home at 9 am everyday ! Punctuality is the first sign of an organized individual. So I am sure you would like to continue and work on your strengths.


Lal Batti

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