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Book Summary: Execution by Ram Charan

Execution is one of the must-read management books. It is an excellent book on getting things done and explains the strategic importance of Execution. I am sharing some core ideas of the books.

Execution – The Core Idea

1. Execution is the bridge between Promises Made and Results Delivered.
2. Execution is the hidden differentiator
3. Execution is not simple tactics but is a separate and distinct business discipline. It is an integral part of the strategy.
4. Execution must be the main concern and focus of every business leader.
5. Execution must be placed at the very core of the corporate culture.

Building Blocks:

There are three building blocks of Strategy:

A. Leaders who understand execution
B. Culture focused on execution
C. Right people in the right places

Let us look into the more details:

A. Leaders who understand execution

1. Leaders live their businesses.
2. Insist on realism.
3. Focus on few clear priorities
4. Follow through on assignment – Follow-up
5. Reward those who do rather than who say they will do
6. Coach People – So they can get better at what is required.
7. Genuine emotional fortitude

Let us look at Point 3 – Focus on Clear Priorities.

It means:
– Focus on at most 3-4 Priorities
– Set Clear / Realistic Goals for each Priority
– Strive To Keep Everything As Simple As Possible
– Remind People Of These Priorities
– Continue To Talk Directly About These Priority Areas
– Have A Common Sense Approach To Business

Leaders have following strengths:
– Authenticity : Doing what you say
– Self Awareness – Being comfortable with your strengths
– Self Mastery – Knowing what you are talking about
– Humility – Keeping your ego in check

B. Culture focused on execution

Leadership without the discipline of execution is incomplete and ineffective.

Stronger and more transparent the linkage between performance and rewards the better.

Consistent dialogue (formal and informal)
Set right example
Encourage feedback

Bring issues to closure – now !

More about the book at: Execution Book Site

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