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Good Book : Absolute Khushwant

I recently read Absolute Khushwant: The Low-Down on Life, Death and Most Things In-Between by Khushwant Singh & Humra Quraishi. It is another refreshing, honest and delightful Book by Khushwant Singh. His simple, no-nonsense, friendly and conversational style is always a pleasure to read. His unique perspective on important events of the country and important personalities is insightful. He speaks about why he supported the Emergency, his fondness for Sanjay Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and his dislike for Advani. He tells why he returned his medal to the Government.

The candidness, transparency and courage to write all the personal stories is something that indeed separates him for the others. He speaks about love, life, death, sex etc. Khushwant is an author I like reading again and again !

But, Train To Pakistan still remains his favorite work for me.

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