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Suzhal: The Vortex – An Intriguing Gripping Thriller

The southern surge continues on OTT. After Bahubali, Pushpa, RRR & KGF, Suzhal sets the ball rolling for southern web series!

A sleepy small town of Sambaloor is awakened from it lazy slumber by a factory fire and a young girl gone missing! The two incidents open up many fault lines – old hostilities, complicated relationships, parental kid disconnect, abrasiveness of police, class struggle, sexual tenebrosity etc. Ladies and gentlemen, this is ‘The Mare Of Easttown’ in South Indian forgotten town where everybody knows everyone – or so they think!

The town is celebrating the nine-day carvinalisque Mayana Kollai festival and each day of the festival unveils a layer of mystery. The festival elements – music, colors, beautify adorned Goddesses, religious fervour, passionate devotees, mythology, dance and swaying – strengthen the tense drama. Full marks for the fusion – creates a unique look and feel!  

The festival celebrates the Goddesses and the series is an ode to Women power – None are black and white. Have made interesting choices. Escaped. Challenged the glass ceiling. Regina (Shriya) reminds of Vijaya Shanti cop avatar but she is more brutal and vulnerable. Sakkarai, Shanmugam and Nandini give top notch performances.

The characters are very well defined and have a great depth and arc. Emotions as well as mystery. The amazing writing keeps us glued till the end – a challenge in thrillers as all of us know that only the last episode will reveal the true killer and all other possibilities are deceptive diversions!

Watch Suzhal for:

– Southern spice to OTT Thrillers

– Beautiful canvas of rich colors and layered drama

– Top notch performances

Recommended viewing!

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