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RRR Movie Review: Riveting. Ravishing. Restless. Rudimentary. 

Breathtaking. Stylish. Hypnotic. 

The Big Screen Extravaganza from ‘Bahubali’ Rajamouli. 

Fast and Furious with ‘Naacho Naacho’ 

Gladiator with Bromance! 

Adjectives aside, Rise Roar Revolt (RRR) is a paisa vasool entertainer with overflowing action, creative thrills and visual marvels. 

A story of two revolutionaries – Fire Raju and Water Bheem – who take on the might of British empire. Bheem is on a mission to rescue a little girl that is forcefully taken away by a British Lord Scott and his cruel wife. Raju is a a loyal officer whose assignment is to stop and arrest Bheem. Rajamouli weaves the magic and melodrama as ‘friends turn foe turn friends’. 

The Fire & Water elements are presented in a compelling fashion. The camaraderie is authentic. Watch-out for spell-bounding drama – the unleashing of animals, the bridge scene, Raju’s capture of a freedom fighter etc. ‘Naacho Naacho’ song deserves a special credit. 

The film is not without its flaws. The film drags in the second half and story does not hold firmly. The emotional depth is missing. Ajay Devgan & Alia Bhatt ensure Bollywood diversity in their cameos. 

Despite its length and loopholes, RRR’s magic works like a charm. The film is technically perfect with awesome production values and world-class Hollywood matching VFX. 

Bahubali with its romance, emotional core, revenge, Katappa and overall glamour remains a much better Rajamouli movie. 

RRR – Load, Aim & Shoot! Watch it on the big screen only!

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