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Gully Boy Review: A Soul-Stirring Entertainer

Gully Boy is a must watch movie!

Hats off to Zoya for a brave and inspiring movie. How a small Gully Boy (kid from the street) uses his talent to rise in life against all odds. He uses hip-hop as expression of his despair.

Ranveer’s purple patch continues. He is awesome – again! In complete contrast to Simba and his high-energy self, we see a vulnerable and restrained protagonist. His channelizes his character’s anger and frustration into a productive outlet – rap. He listens to the insults. He maintains his relations and friendships. He makes his point – but never dramatic. He is never over-the-top. Ranveer internalises Muraad effortlessly. He is flawed but honest. He is Dharavi boy with big dreams.

Alia (Safeena) supports Ranveer’s steel resolve with her solid, energetic and power-punched performance. She is truly bombastic as a ‘tod-phod’ character. Siddhant Chaturvedi shines in a great debut and provides the right momentum to the proceedings. He is leading the charge in the first half. He is a great revelation. Kalki, Vijay Raaz and everyone else provide a solid support.

Zoya has made a thoughtful movie that is equally entertaining. She has made a compelling argument. She is giving microphone to the less heard voices of Bombay. The less-privileged living next to high rises can also rise high! It is a positive attitude pill – something that everyone will enjoy.

Zoya probes gently into the souls of each character and presents their conflicts and challenges in a gentle way. It is not just a story of Muraad but also of Safeena, M C Sher, Murad’s mom, Murad’s dad, Sky, Moin etc.

Small and strong statements exist throughout the movie. Ranveer is measuring the bathroom of Sky’s house and compares with his room. Ranveers sees people dragging on lives in the city of dreams. One of the most beautiful moment was when Ranveer is driving the employer’s daughter and she is sobbing. The class divide is wide enough to drown the humanity. Later in the movie, when Sky bridges the divides, Muraad says: Thank You!

And yes, the rap songs have wonderful lyrics. They are a character in itself and one enjoys them thoroughly.

Listen to the great track:
Apna time aayega!
Zinda mera khwab ab kaise tu dafnayega?
Kyun lagta hai yeh bustee ek andha kuan hain

My beloved Bombay is a character in the movie with its trains, Dharavi, fast life. The film gives a real feel of the “Gully” life.

The movie has its heart in the right place. Ranveer Ka Time Aa Gaya Hai! It is the first great movie of the year 2019. Do not miss it! Watch it!