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Google ReUnion Ad : Emotional, Moving, Humane !

The Google Reunion Ad Has Gone Viral ! It Has Crossed More Than 4 Million Hits Within 4-5 Days Of Release. It Is Love And Hailed On Both Sides Of The Border In Real World. The Online World Including Blogs, Twitters, FaceBook Is Spreading The Message !

The Google Reunion Ad Is Highly Commendable Work. The Ad Is Emotional, Moving, Humane ! It Is A Warm Story Told Very Beautifully. Very Tear-Inducing. Very Smart As Well – It Goes Beyond The Usual Indo-Pak Stories. It Re-Ignites The Need To Move Forward And Have A Healing Touch !

People On Both Sides Of The Border Want To Have A Positive Relationship. People On Both Sides To Look At Sunny Side Of The Things. People On Both Sides Want To Celebrate Similarities Rather Than Differences. This Ad Should Be Shown To All Politicians, Bureaucrats On Both-Sides !

The Ad Is A Clever Piece Of Localization By Google ! It Not Only Highlights The Power Of Google But Also Connects Google To Two Countries. The 3.32 Minutes Will Be The Best Investment Made By Them – It Increase The Local Connect Of Google !

The Ad Tells The Story Of Two Boys Who Were Separated 66 Years Ago Following The South Asian Subcontinent’s Independence From British Colonial Rule And Its Subsequent Partition.The Advertisement Explains How The Two Friends Are Brought Together Again By Their Grandchildren Using Google Searches. After The India-Based Man Tells His Granddaughter About How He And His Friend Used To Steal A Sweet Called “Jhajariya” From A Shop Close To “An Old Gate” In Lahore, The Girl Uses The Clues To Search On Google And Eventually Tracks Down His Long-Lost Friend. She Contacts The Pakistan-Based Friend’s Grandson Who Also Trawls Google For Advice On How To Obtain An Indian Visa And The Advertisement Ends With An Emotional Surprise Birthday Reunion In India.

Google – Congrats For The Great AD
Ogilvy – Great Work Done !

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