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Soylent : The Future Of Food?

Everyone has pet ideas and interesting concepts that are pure fun, very energizing and often seemingly impossible. I have my list. One of the ideas in the list was Annapurna Tablets. The idea was simple. Body needs food. Food takes lot of time. I really hate time spent on lunch. Even dinner – if I am busy. Many of my friends and colleagues visit home for lunch – waste of time, fuel and break from thinking. My mother or wife have to worry about the menu for the lunch – especially difficult for a person like me. Why not have a tablet that gives you all the necessary ingredients of the daily food? Going beyond the normal supplement pills ! Imagine a pill for dal, chawal, roti, subzi etc. It helps in many time. Saving precious time for you and your environment. In a country like India, it will release the time from housewives – as this becomes their major chore. They can invest in other productive areas including their passions, kids or helping family business.

The joy of food increases. You really cherish those lunches and dinners of full food. You really spend time with friends and colleagues and spouse when you go out for lunch or dinner.

Of course my parents always warned me. But this will not allow the natural growth of your body. Many body parts exists such to help us digest food. Including teeth ! I agreed to some points.

Annapurna Tablets was a thing I never thought would happen. Mine was just wishful thinking and part of my friend conclaves. I am sure that there are lot of people thinking on same lines. I was overjoyed and extremely excited when I saw the concept of Soylent. It addresses the very same issue.

Soylent is an efficient form of fuel for humanity for the first time in history. Soylent is an affordable nutrition drink with all the essential ingredients the healthy body needs. It is an substance that is intended to replace food – just mix the powder with water and drink.

The name Soylent is inspired from the 1973 movie Soylent Green

What Soylent consists of ? Read It Here

Soylent seems like the future of food. Cut the emotion out of food. Do not worry about what to eat. Just eat Soylent which addresses the needs of your body. Have the same thing. It is time efficient. Saves money as well. Steve Jobs did not worry about what to wear – saves decision making and one less thing to worry !

And when you really want to enjoy food – do that. The same food may test better !

Of course Soylent may be very controversial as well. I am sure enough research has been done on it and its effect. It is ready for delivery in US from early 2014. It will soon open for international orders.

Maudene Nelson, a dietician at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition. “Nutritionally I don’t think you can make a food that delivers everything,” she says. “This is an obsessive way of making food choices. It’s not obsessively overeating. It’s obsessively micromanaging.”

The dream of replacing food has been around for hundreds of years, popular with science fiction writers and utopian communities, says Amy Bentley, an associate professor of food studies at New York University. “In the 19th century, Victorians talked about the meal in a pill,” she says. While the idea may appeal to a small group of people who find eating to be a chore, she says, “for better and worse, most people find food pleasurable.”

Soylent is a revolutionary concept. It is a major mindset shift for mankind. Can it solve the world’s hunger problem? Or it will be just a Silicon Valley techie’s time-saving tool only? Let us see !

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