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The LunchBox – Food For Thought – Watch It !

The Lunchbox is a moving story of two lonely individuals in a big metropolis, who accidentally get connected and developed a liking for each other. It is a simple love story made with lot of care and attention to detail.

Mr Saajan Fernandes is a widower on the verge of retirement. Ila is a neglected wife busy with her daily routine. Ila sends lunch to her husband via the Mumbai Dabbawallas. The lunch box reaches Mr Saajan instead of her husband and this is where their connect starts. They exchange notes and get some solace from each other.

The outstanding performances of Irrfan, Nimrat and Nawazuddin light up the movie. Aunty’s voice is the fourth lead in her own way. Irffan delivers another stellar performance after Paan Singh Tomar . His body language, his eyes, his his walk, his sadness, his smoking, his dilemma – Irrfan is the finest actor in the country. Nawaz is a strong match to Irrfan and he shines as Irrfan’s junior. But the heart of the movie is Nimrat Kaur – her effortless acting and her portrayal of the neglected and cheated wife moves you. You want her to be happy – you want to make her smile. Amazing act ! What a find !

The movie shines by capturing observations of Mumbai city and humans trapped in the city. The Mumbai Dabbawallas are the backbone of the movie. The Dabbawalla refuses to acknowledge the mistake and claims that Harvard School and Prince Charles have come to study their famed delivery – how can they go wrong? Mr Saajan is a Catholic and is disturbed that he will get a vertical burial. “I’ve spent my life standing in trains and buses,” he says, “now I will have to stand even when I’m dead.”

Nawaz’s Act, Playful Children, Ila’s Mother’s Loneliness, Ila’s Husband’s Adultery add strong shades in this colorful painting. Orient Fan, Streetside Painter’s Paintings, Ila’s Seduction Attempt, Banana Eaters are the other rich textures.

Go watch it ! One of the best movies of the year !

LunchBox is Food For Thought but somehow it makes you hungry after the movie !