Key Lessons From Indian Election Results 2014
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Key Lessons From Indian Election Results 2014

Hope Wins, Corruption Defeated!

The World’s Biggest Election’s Results Are Out ! Narendra Modi Has Catapulted BJP To Power With Its Best Ever Performance.

The Key Lessons !

1. The Power Of Clear Vision, Strong Leadership, Positive Message And Relentless Focus On The Larger Goals.

2. Lead From Front : Modi Led From Front. He Accepted All Weapons On Himself. He Took Full Charge of Campaign – Did Massive Rallies, Decided Key Strategies. If He Failed, He Would Have Been Packed Off Forever, But He Took The Risk.

3. Importance Of Trusted Team & Strategies: Modi Has Created A Strong Team of People For Him. Amit Shah Is The First Name That Emerges. The UP Strategy Was A Masterpiece And Cornerstone Of His Success. Even Bihar, Karnataka, Andhra Strategies Delivered.

4. Preparation & Ground Work: Team BJP Worked On Creating Massive Plans For Offline And Online Marketing. Dedicated Team Works On It. Mission 272+, Chai Pe Charcha, Varanasi Thrust, Etc. Were Key Examples. It Was A Strong Ground Work And Lot Of Hard Work.

5. The Importance Of Track Record – Narendra Modi Had Delivered A Strong Government, With Development And Progress. He Was Clearly Seen As A Very Decisive Person Who Powered Bureaucracy And Demanded Results. India Wanted The Same.

6. Accept Reality – Congress Failed To Accept That India Wants Progress, Prosperity. It Wants To Be Match Developed Nations. What Congress Gave Was Same Old Messages And Rhetoric.

7. Nautanki Does Not Work – Delhi And India Gave A Strong Chance To APP In Delhi Government. What Did Delhi And India Get? Nautanki? Nautanki Does Not Work. Visibility, Slogans Are Good – But Vision Is More Important.

8. Sycophancy Sucks – All Major UPA Leaders Have Failed. All People Who Claim To Fame Was Sycophancy Have Lost Elections. Closeness To A Particular Leader & Family Cannot Compensate For Lack of Real Ground Work.


1. India Has Rejected Corruption, Inaction and Dynasty.
2. India Has Rejected Party That Never Communicated And Took It For Granted
3. Congress Worst Ever Performance
4. BJP’s Strongest Independent Performance
5. BJP’s Strongest NDA Performance – Better Than Vajapayee As Well
6. Even Good People Like Nandan Nilekani, Gul Panag, Priya Dutt Lost – Big Losses – Shows What India Is Thinking !

What Next?
1. Lots Of Pressure For Modi To Deliver. First 100 Days Will Count
2. Expect Quick Market Reforms. Expect Lot Of Decisions & FDI Inflows
3. Pragmatism And Intelligence From Modi To Win 2019 – Means Deliver Promises And Empower Whole Of India
4. Expect Growth Of BJP As A Party – In Bihar, Uttarakhand, Etc. Biggest Surprise Was Opening In Assam
5. Expect BJP Government In Delhi, Maharashtra.
6. Barack Obama To Invite Modi To USA !
7. Expect Congress & Rahul To See Reality & Focus On Putting Best People For Best Jobs ! Priyanka May Not Be The Solution!

Cheers To Election Commission
Cheers To Security Forces
Cheers To Indian Citizens

Let Us Hope For A Better India !

  1. Vivek
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    Totally agree on these points. Complete snapshot to summarize for history lessons- what happened in 2014?

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