Happy Guru Purnima
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Happy Guru Purnima

Happy Guru Purnima

Thanks to the wonderful teachers and mentors for shaping my life.

Their faith in me was solid.
Their belief in me was legendary. I wondered and I pushed myself harder to never let down on that belief.
Their confidence in me was supreme.
They inspired me by their acts of selflessness and humility.
Their look of disapproval stopped me from being content with mediocrity.
They educated me on the pros and cons of the choices I made. But they always supported in the every choice I made.

Their love and concern was and is unconditional.

Their is only one explanation for the love and care I received from my mentors – I may have been lucky. But they are divine souls who spread their happiness in the environment and touch every soul that comes their way.

Words cannot express the gratitude I owe. I can only promise to carry forward the legacy and give back to my environment in the same way !

Thank you !

Happy Guru Purnima !

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