GujaratiLexicon’s 10 Glorious Years – Thank You!
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GujaratiLexicon’s 10 Glorious Years – Thank You!

Jan 13, 2016 Marks The Ten Years of GujaratiLexicon !

What A Defining Decade It Has Been !

A decade is an important milestone in the journey of an organisation and a movement. It is easy to start on an idea but difficult to sustain. It is even more difficult to prosper and continue to make a difference with the same passion as the original vision. Thankfully Gujaratilexicon movement has grown from strength to strength. From the first font by Shri Madhu Rye to GL Mobile Apps, Shri Ratilal Chandaria and GL movement have continued to bring world-class technology to the gujarati world. The GL Vision has been vindicated with the hundreds of websites, apps, blogs & gujarati technological resources. GL itself has continued innovation with Digital Bhagwadgomandal, Sarth App, GL Games for children, Learning Gujarati project, Lokkosh, GujaratiLexicon Mobile Apps, Swahili Lexicon, Chinese & Japanese dictionaries etc. The journey continues….Lots of work is still to be done….The creation of new standards, new fonts, digitisation of massive Gujarati content, online platform for Gujarati journals, Audio-books etc.

But today, we wanted to take a pause and thank our community, people and organisations. GujaratiLexicon movement would not be a success as it is today without the active support of the GL user. GL users have been our fans and our ambassadors. The GL user has been the centre point of our endeavours and we are elated by your love, GL usage, feedback, ideas, bricks and bouquets. We continue to aspire to serve to each and every person who wants to use Gujarati Language. Whether you want to find word that is in your mind or confirm the meaning or correct a sentence or play a game or teach Gujarati to your children – GL is there – on Internet or on Mobile.

The GujaratiLexicon Movement is indebted to Shri R P Chandaria and his love of Gujarati Language. When our founder and inspiration, started his journey of GL work, the world was a different place. Internet was not accessible to all and he worked on fonts, keyboard and dictionaries. We worked with organisations across continents. After 20 years of efforts, Jan 13,  2006 marked the online arrival of GujaratiLexicon and it helped the overall Gujarati writing movement. Today smartphones are redefining the world and GujaratiLexicon is ready for the new era.

GujaratiLexicon movement has been helped by our GL Advisory Board and Trustees Shri Uttam Gajjar, Shri Balvant Patel, Shri Mansukh Shah and Shri Vipool Kalyani – Each one is an stalwart in his field and have nurtured GL with the same love and passion as Shri R P Chandaria. Sushri Dhirubahen Patel has been a guiding light for us all across the journey. We are indebted to them. We also have loved the support from Chandaria Family Members, Shri Kumarpal Desai and Ajay Sanghavi.

Finally, GL Movement would not be possible without the love and dedication and work of GL Team. We have been blessed to be helped by selfless and inspiring team members across the years. I can write stories on each one of them and their passion for GL. Thanks to the wonderful members and volunteers.

GL Volunteers & Well-Wishers (In Alphabetical Order)

Alka Chheda
Ankur Patel
Arpit Christian
Ayushi Modi
Bhakti Patel
Bhaumik Upadhyay
Chintan Brahmbhatt
Deval Vyas Talati
Hardik Sarodiya
Harit Kothari
Himanshu Mistry
Hitendra Vasudev
Hitesh Chavda
Hitesh Parmar
Jagruti Desai
Jagruti Valani
Jayesh Patel
Jitendra Vyas
Kartik Mistry
Komal Karania
Kunal Pandya
Matiri Kapadia Shah
Meena Chheda
Minal Mewada
Neel Shah
Nirav Mehta
Padma Jadav
Palak Shah
Parth Bera
Payal Agashiwala
Payal Dharnidhar
Piyush Agravat
Prakash Shah
Rohit Barot
Sejal Patel
Shruti Amin Patel
Sumaiya Vohra
Swami Asang
Upendra Gajjar
Urvish Kothari
Vaishali Master Mistry
Vidhi Pandya
Vinod Mehta
Vishal Kothari

(I am sure there are more and more names…thanks to everyone!)