Napa Valley Restaurants
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Napa Valley Restaurants

Firewood Cafe – Very Good

Firewood Cafe is a nice and lively place. I enjoyed the Garlic Bread, Pizza and Lemonade. The service was quick and the food was nice. The overall ambience and food quality was great.

The Taste Of Himalayas – Good

The Taste Of Himalayas was a Himalayan / Nepalese restaurant in a historic building – a Spanish Adobe converted into a restaurant. The ambience and overall setting was nice and warm. We ordered Samosa Chaat and Mix Pakoras for starters. We enjoyed it – though Pakoras were better than chaat. The curries were fine. The Garlic Cilantro Naan was really amazing. But the service was very slow – we had to remind for everything – we got the Papads towards the end of the dinner. Maybe it was due to the full house on that day. Overall a good place with nice good food but average service.

Celito Lindo – Excellent

We had gone to Celito Lindo for dinner. No exaggeration – this was one of the best Mexican restaurants. The place was nice, the service was very good and the food was even more amazing. The waitress was quite helpful and she gave her recommendations. I saw how everyone jumped to Jalapeño Mango Margarita. I am always happy with Mexican food as it resembles our Indian food and I have more Vegeterian Options. I enjoyed the nachos with hot sauce. Our starters were good and I had Veggie Fajitas. Infact, I enjoyed everything with the hot sauce.

The Habanero Chili is the hottest chill with a Scoville Rating of 100,0000 to 350,000. The Scoville scale is a measurement of pungency, the “spicy heat” of all chili peppers. Forget the scale man, that Habanero Chilli sauce was the hottest sauce as our tongues were on fire !

Ca’ Momi – Very Good
The next restaurant we enjoyed was a Italian Pizza place called Ca’ Momi. Ca’ Momi claimed to an obsessively authentic Italian restaurant by following traditional Italian recipes prepared with best organic local and imported Italian ingredients. And it was true ! Our friend wanted some variation in his pasta, but he was disallowed the same by the waitress. They did not want to dilute the authentic experience. He was clearly not used to this and he was not happy.

I had one of the bitterest Ginger drinks and some Pizza breads. I had some coffee as well as I was feeling cold. The restaurant was quite nice and the waitress was the cynosure of everyone’s attention. Her oodles of energy was matched by her effortless Italian accent. She told that she had learnt Italian to qualify for the job.

The lady also gave suggestions to us on what to order etc. She forced us to spend more. She suggested the House Wine – which everyone relished a lot. She suggested Tiramisu in a jar – which I saw that everyone enjoyed. She got a handsome tip as her reward and lot of appreciation from our group.