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The 90 Second Summary Of Apple WWDC 2015

Apple WWDC 2015 – The beginning of generalization of Apple?

Apple Music: Apple Music is the most anticipated and biggest announcement. The New App combines Music and iTunes App and is Apple’s aim to take on Spotify and other services. It has the following interesting features:
Beats1: A Live 24X7 Worldwide Radio Station.
Connect: Connecting music makers and fans
For You: Curated content and recommendation engine

ApplePay: Passport App is upgraded to Wallet and will include loyalty and other cards apart from debit and credit cards. Apple Pay will also come to UK and will work with all major brands. Square is releasing a new card reader for Apple Pay.

Carplay: The new Carplay will be able to wireless connect to your iPhone. The automakers will now have access to Carplay system and will be able to create apps for Carplay.

iOS9: The new upgrade promises better battery life, multi-tasking capabilities for iPad users, QuickType facility, better search and a Flipboard inspired App – News.

OS X El Capitan: The new upgrades includes Spotlight enhancements, new apps and Window management features and Metal API for Games performance.

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