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How To Get Your Dream Job? Nina Mufleh Inspires!

All of us have a dream job !

All of us have a dream customer !

All of us have a dream date !

All of us have a dream project !

But as the nature of things go, not all dream assignments land up in our lap. Some times we are lucky, but some times we have to work of it. How many times we really work for it? How many times we just give up?

How many times we can persevere? How many times can we think innovatively?

Here is a great example. I saw this post on NextShark and could not resist writing a post on it.

Nina Mufleh wanted to work for Airbnb. She moved to San Francisco and applied for a job multiple times. She was not successful. 

She worked on an innovative way to get the attention and get her dream job. She created a website called Nina4Airbnb. She posted this on social media and got the attention of Airbnb. Of course, she also got a job.

Nina inspires us in many ways:

1. Perseverance – Never take NO for an answer

2. Innovation – Think Innovatively and get attention

3. Ideas To Action – Instead of giving up, she found a new way. She put lot of hard and efforts to push her innovative resume / website.

4. Value – The value proposition was clear. Read each and every word. Including conclusion and humor. She also gave possible ideas. Seeing the website was the proof of all the values she brought to the table. It also showed her creativity, zeal, energy.

5. Top-Down Approach – She pitched the idea to the top – Airbnb CEO.

6. Leverage Social Media – She used Social Media to get her message delivered.  Thus she got support of millions of Airbnb fans as well. It would be really difficult for Airbnb to ignore her.

Nina’s ideas can be used by every sales person trying to get that important meeting with the dream prospect.

Image Credits: NextShark / Nin4airbnb.

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